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Mentoring with Karuna 

With over 15 years of experience working with numerous students, Karuna Sagari has crafted an organic pedagogy for learning Bharatanatyam, akin to a child acquiring their mother tongue.


The mentorship program spans over 3 to 4 months and is designed for students who have completed at least 2 margams. Through this program, they refine a non-compartmentalized approach to Bharatanatyam, fostering a comprehensive understanding of the art form.

Please scroll down to see the available modules, application process and frequently asked questions. 

Karuna Sagari

Modules Available

The mentorship program is designed to encompass various modules focusing on both the Nritta and Abhinaya aspects of Bharatanatyam. Each module runs for 3-4 months and consists of 2 classes per week, with each class spanning over 1.5 hours and conducted online on Zoom. The cohorts are kept small, comprising 3 - 5 participants, to ensure personalized attention and effective learning amongst like-minded peers. Participants are expected to dedicate focused time to self-practice and engage in curated readings, enhancing their understanding and connection with the art. This holistic approach to learning fosters an enriching and transformative journey in Bharatanatyam.

I. Approach to Nritta

  1. An injury free approach to nritta which includes at least 6 workout routines for preparing the body for dance. 

  2. An adavu refresher in which cardinal Adavus with specialized movement phrases that will build in body intelligence in practice

  3. A nritta piece which will put to use the learnings in this module

  4. Access to professionally recorded music



Students will learn

Svaramala - a unique nritta piece which was crafted for nritta to be an intuitive response to the musicality built into the piece


Is this module for you?

This module is meant for Bharatanatyam practitioners who have learnt at least 2 full margams and are currently looking to fine tune their technique and shift gears into a more serious approach to practice.  If you have had a break in practice, suffered from an injury, or want to re-learn anatomically conducive techniques to Nritta then this module is for you.* 

II. Tamil Poetry through Dance

  1. Learn a piece from medieval/ancient Tamil Literature

  2. Exploring literary references that have informed the piece

  3. Access to professionally recorded music



Students will learn


An invocatory iconographic piece which is informed by the sculptures from the Pallava period + an Abhinaya piece from the Kambai Murugan Pillai Tamizh


Is this module for you?


This module is meant for aspiring and established professional dancers who are trying to take their journey in dance to the next level. This module would be an ideal fit for regular practitioners looking to delve deeper into their practice, explore a de-compartmentalized approach to literature and dance, and willing to commit to a disciplined and serious learning format.*

III. Approach to Abhinaya

  1. Learn two Abhinaya centric pieces

  2. Build an emotional universe around the pieces through Visual references from art and nature, observation of human behaviour juxtaposed with poetry, related readings

  3. Access to professionally recorded music



Students will learn


Two Abhinaya pieces through an approach that is not confined to facial expression and hand gestures. A comprehensive approach to Abhinaya that is based on 

(i) the idea of 'being' - to embody the Divine and the mortal

(ii) The idea of 'feeling' -  the emotional terrain of the characters and what leads them to say what they say

(iii) The idea of 'saying' - the narrative aspect of what is spoken and to whom


Is this module for you?

This module is designed differently for intermediate and advanced learners. This module would be an ideal fit for practicing dancers who would like to personalise their approach to Abhinaya and also for those who might have taken a break from dance and getting back to it through Abhinaya.*

*Students will be hand picked for the cohorts based on their level and aims*

Application Process

Step 1: Expression of Interest

Fill the Mentorship form linked below and share details including a video showcasing your dance.

Step 2: Interview

Selected participants will be required to interview one-on-one with Karuna. Through this interaction Karuna and the prospective students can gauge their level of mutual comfort.

Step 3: Selection

Upon completion of the interview, selected participants will receive fee details upon which they can confirm their registration.

Please note:

A detailed list of FAQs are available below. In case you have any questions that are unanswered by the FAQs, please email us at

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many months commitment does this program require?
    3 - 4 months depending on the chosen program.
  • How many people will be there in each cohort?
    There will be a minimum of 3 and maximum of 5 students in each cohort.
  • If selected, what will be the frequency of classes?
    If selected, classes will be conducted twice per week.
  • Is there an age restriction?
    Yes, only students of 18+ years are eligible for the mentorship program.
  • What will be the class format?
    Classes will be conducted online on Zoom. There will be 2 classes per week, each class lasting 1.5 hours.
  • I learn dance from another teacher. Can I still join this mentorship program?
    Yes, you are permitted to join the program even if you learn dance from another teacher as long as you have your teacher's consent.
  • Do the modules have to be completed in the specified order or can we choose any module?
    No, there is no specific order to be followed. You are free to opt for a module that best fits your current learning goals.
  • What are the eligibility requirements? Do they change from one module to another?
    The eligibility requirements remain consistent across all available modules. To be eligible for the mentorship program students must have completed learning at least 2 full margams and be over 18 years of age. However, it is important to note that each module targets a very specific aspect of a dancer's journey. Please read through the modules and their offering thoroughly and opt for the one that best reflects your current requirements.
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