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Passion for Literature

As a child, singing medieval Tamil literature like Tevaram, Tiruvachakam and Divyaprabandham was part of everyday routine for Karuna under her grandmother, Smt. Swarna Somasundaram’s tutelage. 


Graduating as a student of Tamil literature in India and pursuing South Asian Studies in a global classroom at Heidelberg university has given her the opportunity to look at her culture inside- out and outside – in. This exposure helps her explore poetry with an insider’s ease and an academic’s rigour.

Her works might draw a poem from before two millennia and employ an art form which is handed down over a few centuries while keeping the message contemporary, alive and relevant. She treads carefully between abstract concepts, concrete happenings and harmonious aesthetics.

Karuna's Blog - Coming Soon!

This space will feature the journey of an artist traversing through the world of literature.

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