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Founded by Karuna Sagari in June 2008, Bhakti Natya Niketan (BNN) is an institution which teaches Bharatanatyam based on the Kalakshetra Bani and adopting its own organic pedagogy. Students learn dance organically, the way a child acquires his/her mother tongue.

BNN draws inspiration from the arasa maram (peepal tree). When a breeze ripples through the arasa maram, each leaf dances individually though nurtured by the same root. Likewise, BNN aspires for each of its students to retain their individuality, fostered and nurtured by the parent institution.

Over 14 years, BNN has trained more than 500 students from over 14 Indian States and 6 countries with over 20 qualified teachers who have worked with the institute.

Now, Karuna focuses on mentoring a few serious pursuers of the art form both online and offline. As a practitioner with a comprehensive approach of finding her own vocabulary within the framework of Bharatanatyam, she guides students to hone their movement technique and own the art form enough to make it their own language to express.

Karuna regularly conducts online and in-person workshops. To know more about upcoming workshops or to host a workshop in collaboration with Karuna subscribe to the mailing list.

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Learn with Karuna

Authentic, accessible, and bite-size content that allows you to explore

granular details of traditional pieces in a well-guided and educative format.

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